Ryan Henwood-White


'Sexuality' series

I've started working on a new series entitled 'Sexuality'. This project is very important to me and core to my own expanding sexuality. I've only recently begun self-identifying as queer, and have started to embrace myself more than ever before.

My wife coined the term "un-sexy sexuality" and that's really what I think this photograph, and hopefully a lot of the series will capture. Sexuality can be fluid, fun, silly, playful, sexy, serious, perverse, intense, interesting, and unique. I am creating with individuals on their terms to express themselves in whatever way they choose to.

It is important to me that the people involved in this project are diverse, or as diverse as I can manage with the people who are interested in such subject matter. I'm looking for people of all bodies, genders, sexes, ethnicities, orientations, preferences, kinks, and fetishes, as long as it's raw, human, and real.

This is the start of a new journey for me and I'm grateful that I can be witnessed as I grow and create with other like minds. It has been a long road of success, failure, and learning for me to get to this point.

This shoot was with the lovely Bianca Wolff Photography and Fine Art and her friends. It was an absolute pleasure and joy to share in this moment with these beautiful human beings.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me on this journey!