Ryan Henwood-White


#FocusThursday - Tom Hoops

I discovered Tom Hoops through the podcast 'Process Driven' and instantly fell in love with his work. Tom Hoops, born 1970, is a British photographer based in both London and South East Asia. His work is very stark, dark, and full of emotion. He connects with his subjects in a way I can relate with, often very intimately and drawing great expression from them. When I connect with a subject I often try to help them reach a place of quiet contemplation, or in my mind "pulling back the veil" through my presence. Hoops does something similar from what I can tell, but more on the side of darker emotion and mood to create something theatrical rather than of a documentary nature in my own work. I have much to learn by analysing his photographs to add more tools to my toolkit of connection. 

Quote from the podcast:
“You should shoot what you want to put on your wall… I want dramatic, dark, powerful photos. That’s what I’d like on my wall, so that’s what I want to shoot. That’s what I should be shooting.”