Ryan Henwood-White


#FocusThursday - Stephane Lavoué

Introducing #FocusThursday a weekly segment where I spotlight one of my favourite photographers. 

Today, I present you Stephane Lavoué. Stephane is known for his evocative portraits made using precise lighting. He is a master of the spotlight illuminating and connecting with his subjects with an incredible degree of control.

"From the moment I started taking portraits, I practically no longer did anything else. I found an intensity, a tension, a satisfaction – when I managed to get a good image – in these encounters that I found gripping. Unlike reporting, where you can often expect to wait around a long time, and where you have to go “fishing for images”, with portraits, an appointment is fixed in advance; you then have twenty, thirty minutes, an hour at best. In this time lapse, in this unity of time and place, you have to capture an image."

Read more from his interview with the Leica Camera Blog here: http://blog.leica-camera.com/2012/08/14/stephane-lavoue-like-in-sculpture-i-work-on-the-body-when-taking-my-portraits/

Personal website: http://www.stephanelavoue.fr/