Ryan Henwood-White


Sexuality, Relationships & The Queer Community

 Photo of me taken at Reclaim The Streets (photographer unknown)

Photo of me taken at Reclaim The Streets (photographer unknown)

I find as a bisexual male that I identify more closely with the values and discussions that surround queer culture than any other. As I figure myself out I realise that this is where I feel most at home with my sexual identity.

This is due to the fact that this community embraces the concept that loving another isn't about finding your second half, it's about self love, and selfless love to raise each other up. A sex positive attitude, an openness to all sexual identities, gender identities, desires, kinks, and a healthy view of consent and relationship boundaries.

I find myself in a strange position, where my appearance is that of the common oppressor in this community, and yet it is also the place where I feel most comfortable being myself. Please don't take this to mean that I'm complaining about acceptance within it, quite the opposite.

I just think it is fascinating that we're at a point in history where these ideals realised by the queer community are being valued more and more by the community at large, and people like me can find a place of safety within that, regardless of the fact that I'm a cisgender male.

This is a call out to anyone like me who resonates with these ideas to perhaps become a part of this community and help the spread these ideals to the world at large.

We're at a point in history where there is a shift taking place, people are waking up to the possibilities of relationship configurations, acceptance, and realising that EVERYONE has a kink of some kind. There is nothing wrong with monogamy and the nuclear family, but there are other options, and people shouldn't be ostracised for making their own choices as to what is best for them.

There's no real point here, except to say that I LOVE the queer community and have huge respect for all of the people who have welcomed me with open arms.

Big love <3