Ryan Henwood-White


Road Trippin' To Melbourne

At the start of March, I spent a week in Melbourne travelling around, visiting old friends, making new ones, and doing as many photo shoots as I realistically could. I road tripped down in my trusty van with my current love and life companion, Madeline. Like all of life, we had low lows, and high highs, and learnt much about each other being so close for a week.

I had a chance to meet some incredible photographers, Sasha Kane and Sophie Caligari. Recently I've started modeling on the side, and was lucky enough to model for Sophie's wet plate colloidian photography before I left. I look forward to modeling for Sasha in the future!

Here are some B side photos from the shoots. My favourites are up on my 'environment' page. I feel like I'm getting a grasp on my photographic direction once more which is refreshing. Here's to things to come!