Ryan Henwood-White


Moving Home, Moving Studio

My regular photoshoots were put on hold for over a fortnight when I realised that the place I lived did not feel like home. Within 24 hours I had made the decision to move, found a place, and started to move everything. This is the way I generally do things, and it suits me just fine. Having relocated to another cosier home with a good bunch of friends, my photography studio will now relocate too, this time in a seperate building and room to the one I'm living in.

In my experience having seperation between my living area and my creative space is a good thing. Now that I have settled into my new home, it's time to get back to work. I have the pleasure of shooting with three new models this weekend. My friend Lauren on Friday (right before she left for the Netherlands), Roshie on Saturday, and Sylph Sia (visiting from interstate) on Sunday. What a pleasure it is to witness and capture such feminine energy!