Ryan Henwood-White


#FocusThursday - Mark Seliger

"Seliger began working for Rolling Stone in 1987, and served as its chief photographer from 1992 to 2002 and shot more than 100 covers for the magazine. As of 2010, Seliger lives in New York City, and works for Conde Nast Publications. He has shot a number of covers for GQ and Vanity Fair." - Wikipedia

Having shot for Rolling Stone for such a lengthy period of time Seliger has had the opportunity to photograph many famous artists. What an honour to collaborate with so many masters of their craft. The collaboration between a photographer and their subject is a unique and exciting one, especially when connecting with individuals who too know the struggle of artistic endeavors and the vulnerabilities of sharing oneself with the world. Seliger has a knack for making people comfortable to express themselves as his pictures clearly demonstrate. I hope to have the opportunity to photograph many more artists in the future like Seliger. He has shot a lot of colour work too, but I'm drawn particularly to his black and white film work on peel apart, 4x5, etc. The whole film vibe is hugely appealing to me.